Combat system

Tactics aficionados, in Aarklash: Legacy, your nerves face a stiff test!

The gameplay of Aarklash: Legacy takes you to the heart of numerous battles for which you must have a well-adapted group of four playable characters. These are selected from a panel of eight interchangeable units which are swappable at any moment during the game. You must therefore assemble the most effective foursome for any situation. As you progress through the adventure, you get to know each character and you learn how to master and combine their powers while taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. All your units are defined by four skills, improved through a skill tree, and a plethora of attributes which are enhanced by the many items looted from the bodies of dead opponents.

Combat takes on a truly tactical dimension thanks to an Active Pause system which, combined with your own cunning, will allow you to tailor the fighting style of your group to a wide variety of enemies. Only the well-adapted survive! It is possible to create real synergies between your heroes, allowing them to escape the most difficult of situations. A clash with an enemy requires a sense of positioning and non-stop reorganisation, but fortunately Active Pause can be used to take a rest as well as to pre-program your actions!