Denzil is a talented thief, skilled assassin and valuable member of any Wheel Sword quorp. He's the only goblin known to have both stolen from the Goldmongers Guild and stolen for them. It's rare that those who steal from the Patrons survive long enough to tell anyone, but Denzil was never really caught. It was his mother who had pledged the family warren against a mountain of gold to buy an army of assassins, and when it came time to pay, she and Denzil's fifty siblings were on the verge of becoming homeless. In exchange for his endentured servitude, twenty years and a day, the warren was returned and Denzil earned a copper link. He soon returned the three diamonds he had stolen against three years, and after nearly seventeen years of "collecting for the Patrons", he has but twenty more days to serve and he is a free man. Oddly enough, Denzil still wears a copper link, knowing the exact day his service would be over, he's never felt the need to mark his advancement towards freedom.